Annual Appeal 2021

Annual Appeal 2021

About This Campaign

Celebrate the season by giving back to York Habitat. Your gift will change a family's life - helping them secure safe, affordable, and healthy homes for generations to come.

Join us today to change the York County community.
York Habitat for Humanity

Campaign to Support York Habitat for Humanity

We believe that all people deserve a decent place to live and we welcome people from all walks of life to participate in our program.


In February 2021, Angida and her family moved into their forever home.

In September of 2019, York Habitat broke ground on a 14 brand-new home project in York City. Previously devastated by fire, the block is being rebuilt with the purpose of providing low-income housing to the families who need it. Families like Angida's.

Angida says, "My previous residence was very uncomfortable for my family in regards to room for us to grow. I had moved into a house because, at the time, it was a place that was move in ready and I could afford. The house still needed a lot of work and getting anything fixed was a headache, but I did not have the money to move. When I learned about Habitat for Humanity, I didn't have much hope in being approved due to failing at other organizations. A few months later, I received a call that I was accepted and my whole life changed."

"Till this day, I'm grateful for York Habitat for Humanity. I loved and enjoyed being a part of not only my own home, but my now neighbors' homes at well. Even though the process was long due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it all has taught me so many things about financials, stability, love, and what it's really for: my kids' future. We are so grateful and happy. Each one of them has their own room and space to grow. We love our new home and wouldn't change it for anything. Thank you Habitat for the opportunity of lessons and becoming a homeowner to a beautiful house we now call our home."


Everyone helps build homes.

Countless businesses, civic organizations, and other groups have given their time to York Habitat to build homes. These partnerships ensure the Habitat mission is possible. Most recently, York Habitat celebrated a new partnership between ourselves, the York County Land Bank Authority, and Dover Township.

​Dover Township had a blighted home, destroyed by fire, that became a danger to their neighborhood. Increasing safety concerns and decreasing property values caused Dover to explore options in solving the issue. In engaging York Habitat, both of the organizations can use demolition funds granted by the York County Land Bank Authority to remove the safety hazard of the property, and then allow York Habitat to build a new low-income housing option for families in the Homeownership Process. The Ground Breaking Ceremony of the Dover Project was also supported by all of the York County Commissioners, ensuring this project is also support by the highest York County officials.

Once construction gets underway, groups of all sizes and backgrounds will be welcome to volunteer alongside our professional construction staff. With no skills needed, York Habitat will provide each volunteer with the tools and knowledge to be successful on site, and then take the new skills home with you. From individuals, we've heard many times that the experience they had on site has allowed them to do home improvement jobs on their own - a win/win for everyone!



While working towards homeownership, Neura is taking classes and budgeting money.

All Homeowners in Process must apply to the Habitat for Humanity program. The application not only requires financial history of the applicant, but an interview of why they want to become Habitat Homeowners. Neura has almost fully completed the Habitat program, which has taught her about not only basic home care, but also financial literacy to ensure success once they move in.

Each Homeowner in Process completes monthly budget meetings which are tailored to their financial needs, guiding them through the choices they currently make and how it may affect their ability to pay necessary bills once they own their own home. A common misconception about Habitat for Humanity is that these homes are given away for free - which is completely not true. Each Habitat affiliate acts as a mortgage lender, controlling the monthly mortgage payment to never be more than thirty percent of the family's annual gross income, insuring there is enough funds to pay for basic needs: utilities, clothing, and more. The financial literacy York Habitat provides impacts the family long after they are given they keys.

Neura says, "my family and I will have a huge change, for example, my daughter is very excited because she says she is going to have her own room. We are going to have more space to grow into as a family. A home (for us) is very important because we will finally have a permanent home, forever. A place where we don't have to pay for other people. We pay for our own home where my family and I will feel safe and secure. We feel very proud, may family and I, to (soon) have a Habitat for Humanity home."
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