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It's time for our annual Open House celebration! We're thrilled to open our doors and green spaces to our community *in person* this year. Whether you're a long-time friend of the Gandhi Institute or have never checked us out before, we hope you'll join us for this all-ages, joyous, and connecting event. Here are some of the things we're excited to share with you at the Open House:

  • Delicious food!
  • Face painting!
  • A labyrinth scavenger hunt!
  • Music!
  • Games!

...And more! We hope you'll join us and celebrate community together for as much or as little of the time as you can make. Feel free to register or just show up. Bring folks in your circles, and please spread the word - see you soon!



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The M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence is a nonprofit that equips people to use nonviolence to create a sustainable and just world for all. The Gandhi Institute collaborates with local organizations, academic institutions, students, and committed peacemakers in the following areas: Nonviolence Education Restorative Practices Environmental Sustainability Racial Justice