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The Rumbling of Sacred Places: An Earth Day Message by Wendsler Nosie

Wendsler Nosie is the former chairman of the San Carlos Apache Tribe in Arizona and is a fierce advocate for the protection of Indigenous sacred sites and the environment. His organization, Apache Stronghold, in 2021 sued the federal government in an effort to halt the creation of North America's largest copper mine at Oak Flat, a sacred place and riparian oasis. That lawsuit, Apache Stronghold v. United States, was just reheard by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

During the event, Dr. Nosie will share his insights and experiences on the importance of preserving our planet and its natural resources. He will also discuss the critical role that Indigenous peoples play in protecting the Earth and their traditional knowledge of sustainability.

This event is offered on a sliding scale with all contributions going directly to Dr. Nosie.

Free parking is available in the Rochester City Hall parking lot across from Downtown United Presbyterian Church. Evening free parking is available most weekdays after 5:30 pm.

For information on parking and directions, please click here.

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