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Drew Miller

Drew Miller

Dr. Drew Miller (he/him) currently serves as Associate Vice President for Student Affairs at Sam Houston State University. In that capacity, he leads the divisions efforts to support student health and wellness, accessibility resources, and assessment, and led the development of the student affairs program within the newly formed College of Osteopathic Medicine. Beyond ACPA, Drew has been actively involved with organizations that promote college student mental health and promote racial and social justice within higher education. He is a past president of the Texas University Counseling Center Director’s Association and has provided testimony to the Texas legislature on the mental health needs of underserved college students in the state. Drew is a frequent presenter at national conferences on topics such as pursuing social justice work in conservative academic environments, emerging trends in college student mental health, and decolonizing health and wellness services. Dr. Miller earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology in 2005 from Texas A&M University; his dissertation focused on the parental experience of the coming out process. He holds a M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Kentucky, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Eastern Illinois University.

Drew Miller
2022 Diamond Honoree

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