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The Trinity Combine 2022
The Trinity Combine is an athletic charity event for individuals and teams of all abilities, raising funds to benefit Trinity Community Ministries of downtown Atlanta. Trinity Community Ministries, operating the Trinity House, exists to help homeless men reclaim their lives and return to their families and communities as mentors and leaders.

***8/8/2022 UPDATE - Competitor Registration for the event has ended. You can continue to donate to the campaigns of Competitors who have already registered!


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$5 fee


This ticket grants entry into Mercedes Benz Stadium, general seating on the lower level at midfield, as well as special field access reserved for spectators.


Location / Venue

Trinity Community Ministries
In Support of Trinity Community Ministries
The Trinity Combine is designed to assess an individuals competency across tests of speed, agility, strength, and endurance. Ten events, curated as a celebration of athleticism and the charity of our competitors.